Hint Fiction: Short, But Not Necessarily Sweet


Graffiti: Hint

Graffiti: Hint (Photo credit: Franco Folini)

I lost my engagement ring. The coroner found it on a corpse on the dance floor, clenched inside her fist. My fiancée’s missing.


Jayne’s Micro Writing Challenge. Join in and link up at Injaynesworld.

The Challenge: Write a story (beginning, middle and end) that hints at a larger story, but is complete within itself, in 25 words or less.



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The thing about life is…


You always think you have one more day
to make things right,
to say you’re sorry,
to hold a loved one tight

You never think the day will come
when all those thoughts that whooshed through your mind
never find the other bookend
that keeps its side of the bargain…

The last piece of the puzzle that fits into the empty space,
so all the other pieces can make a whole

You never think the day will come
when the words that were meant to be said
stay wrapped up inside your tongue,
a tightly woven thought that will never become undone

In Memory of Freckles

Jim and Freckles

Jim and Freckles

Are You A Moody Blogger?

Do you post at the same time each week or when the light hits your computer at a certain angle?

Light includes both natural and unnatural lighting — a flashlight in the event of a power failure.

Instituto de la Grasa, Sevilla

Instituto de la Grasa, Sevilla (Photo credit: Colt Group)


30M2DW III Day 3 – Temporary Insanity


I crossed over the threshold into the kitchen and looked at the bulls-eye I mentally etched across his chest.  “They told me you were here.”


30M2DW III Day 2 – It was no accident. They are watching you!


I first noticed the clicking in my ear when I awakened to the alarm on my clock radio. I sat up, a bit lightheaded;  my ear was slightly clogged. Must be my hair rinsing dysfunction, I thought. I often get water in my ear after a shower. I have to stop tilting my head after the second rinse.

But the clicking in my ear sounded different this time. Was that static I heard between each click? Like a party line on a phone call?

Silly thought. I proceeded with my morning bathroom ritual, careful to keep my head at a 90-degree angle in the shower. Yet, the clicking continued while I towel dried my hair. But  this time a burst of static followed each click. How odd. I thought.


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